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Rise of the social media influencer – how to identify and engage with brand advocates.

Do you run B2B marketing or B2C marketing campaigns? Have you included social media influencers in your overall social media strategy? Whether your objectives are to increase brand awareness or to...

April 11, 04

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OST Wins Pharmaceutical Marketing Award for Digital Campaign

We are delighted to announce that OST has won the Digital Marketing Award at the 2016 Veterinary Marketing Awards (VMAs).

March 30, 03

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Virtual and Augmented Reality and The Effects On the Social Landscape (Part 2)

Welcome back! In my last post on this topic, I explained the differences between Augmented Reality [AR] and Virtual Reality [VR] – if you haven’t read it, check it out here. This post will mainly...

March 29, 03

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What does Instagram's move away from a chronological feed mean for marketers?

Last week, Instagram announced that a major change was coming. This change is to introduce and algorithm-driven feed. In Instagram's own words: "to improve your experience, your feed will soon be...

March 24, 03

Instagram algorithm, Instagram marketing, social media marketing, Instagram feed

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: The Effects On the Social Landscape (Part 1)

Augmented Reality… Virtual Reality… what even is real anymore? We have seen so many of these different terms being bounced around on newsfeeds everywhere but what are they? What functions and...

March 18, 03

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3 reasons why Twitter's timeline algorithm doesn't change anything

Last week Twitter launched an algorithm to prioritise the 'best' Tweets at the top of each users timeline. This is controversial, but in reality changes very little. Here's why...

February 19, 02

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Our Social Times re-brands social media agency as OST

For the last 7 years we've been known as Our Social Times. Today, we're re-branding and our Founder, Luke Brynley-Jones, is on hand to explain the change.

From the start of this month, Our Social...

February 01, 02

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Social Media News: Periscope on Twitter, Peach stumbles and who’s got Facebook Overlap?

Every week we’ll be sharing the latest social media news. This week we’ve got updates about Periscope, Facebook, Peach and Twitter. Enjoy!


January 27, 01

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Is social media really going private?

At the start of January I was asked by a brand to present a review of the top 10 leading trends in social media for 2016. This is the first post in a series I'll be writing about the trends I...

January 26, 01

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